Selection Center

The presence of man continues to be of fundamental importance to the psychosomatic wellbeing of the Malamute which wants to share both time and space with its human companions. This is one of the reasons which prompted me to full time breeding, dedicating my time and energies to the welfare of my Malamutes. All the choices made over the years have always taken into account the demands and needs of my dogs.
Our state of the art breeding area is located in a modern and efficient building where high levels of hygiene are observed. The covered kennels are spacious; nearby there is a medication room, delivery room and nursery area for weaning puppies. There are also large areas and runs for the dogs to play and socialise in, a gym equipped with treadmill, and a grooming room.

A dedicated team of collaborators who share my same passion, look daily to the health and wellbeing of our dogs. The puppies are cared for affectionately with special emphasis placed on socialisation and imprinting at the critical period. We also constantly strive to obtain the best psychophysical conditions of both puppies and dogs, while we lovingly look to the needs and comforts of aged dogs.
Breeding Plan

The aim of the selection programme is to produce healthy puppies which conform morphologically to the standard and which are psychologically well-adjusted. To obtain these results, nothing is left to chance. Both sire and dam are selected high-quality specimens of the breed which not only undergo x-raying of the hips and elbows in order to rule out dysplasia but also annual testing for hereditary eye diseases.
When planning the matings, both sire and dam are judged for physical traits and temperament. In fact, a good relationship with the animal depends on both its temperament and psychological balance.
This professional and responsible attitude to work has been recognised and well appreciated in the show world. The Del Biagio Selection Center can boast a number of important successes in the main canine world events both in Europe and the USA home of the Malamute, and specimens are universally acknowledged as a reference for the breed. In addition to this are the numerous and ever increasing testimonials of satisfaction and gratitude from those who have purchased one of our puppies.