It is difficult to speak about the Alaskan Malamute; you can't catch the essence of his temper in a page. Only by living with him every day, you will in time understand and appreciate his great qualities of character, besides beauty. Ours is a strong, resolute and very clever dog; above all, he is gifted with  unusual instinct, comparable with the wolf's. Only a dog selected by nomadic tribes of Alaska (The Mahlemiuts) in prohibitive environment conditions (cold, ice, fatigue), could have these peculiarities.
Natural selection, as well as breeding selection (weak and inapt dogs were suppressed) have contributed to create a matchless dog: strong, powerful and enduring, but also sweet and tender. An interesting feature of the Malamute's character is that he considers you as a part of his group. Your task is to let him understand who the leader is and teach him obedience - only obedience, never unconditional submission. The Malamute always keeps his independence and autonomy. This attitude derives from the fact that when the Musher got lost in the wide expanses of snow, he would trust the lead dog of the pack to find the way back to the camp.
On those occasions the man didn't order the dog, but cooperated with him. This is the key to a serene and harmonious cohabitation. This ability makes  the Malamute not blindly execute the orders that he considers useless. For example: if you repeatedly call him with the order "come" without a reason,  he will ignore you, not because he can't understand you, but only because his actions always have a purpose. It will be difficult to prevent him from chasing a squirrel or a hare in the wood; nevertheless, at the end of his pursuit, he will come back to you, because the Malamute is an owner-loving dog, though not very effusive.
He will limit himself to little, meaningful displays of affection. In the garden, he will stay in a zone where he can control your movements. The Malamute isn't a watch dog, but he can discourage strangers thanks to his imposing size. The puppies are lovely, but don't forget they will become 40 kg of strength and tenacity; so, it will be a good start to socialize with your puppy from the very beginning in several different situations. This will make him self-reliant, sensible and peaceful. It might sometimes happen, owing to the Malamute's strong temper, that the snarls at other dogs. Don't allow him to!!!
I would like to remind you that your dog, no matter how much you love him, is not a human being; therefore, do not attribute him human feelings and requirements. Malamutes have their own demands. Our task is to understand and satisfy them as much as  possible. It's not love and there is no need to let the dog nip at the sofa. Allow him a place of his own and let nobody disturb him (children included). Finally, I can tell you that a Malamute needs space and movement, but even more he needs to live in contact with his owner. If you leave him alone too long, he will become sad and depressed. If you haven't time, attention and love to dedicate him, I suggest you should renounce man's most faithful friend.